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Joan Pattison Life Coach


Joan Pattison provides unique, bespoke life coaching to celebrities and high net worth clients where money is no object and discretion is paramount. Behind the perfect public persona and smile of the celebrity or CEO, there is often a private life full of pain, suffering and loneliness which can be overcome with expert guidance.

Joan’s mission and life purpose is to help each and every VIP client to be the very best they can be, both in the spotlight and in private. Clients can be confident of total trust, empathy, discretion and quiet confidentiality from a life coach with long experience of helping high net worth clients to achieve a fulfilled life.



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How does this unique coaching work?

As every client is unique Joan works without a set script or pre-arranged programme. Together you will create a special relationship on your path to a fulfilled life.



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Expert coaching will gently uncover your inner person, highlight your obstacles, discover your dreams…

Joan will devise a simple, effective and dynamic action plan unique to you.



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Joan will use her long experience working with VIP clients to:

  • Understand and appreciate your world.
  • Relate to your highest goals and actions.
  • Find your robust emotional resources.
  • Reframe any problems in solvable terms.
  • Interrupt destructive patterns that are holding you back.
  • Create new and empowering alternatives for you.
  • Support, encourage, motivate and inspire.
  • Cajole, guide and empower you by voicing things that others dare not say.
  • Nurture you on your voyage of self discovery.
  • Believe in you.



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You will take small steps on the journey to a happy and healthy future.


Your Spirit Will Soar!