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Do you know these brothers? They are truly amazing. New York Times bestselling author Mike Dooley's Infinite Possibilities and I Believe in Me (for children aged 5 to 16), reminds others of life's fundamental truths, that life is magical, we are powerful and dreams really do come true... Andy Dooley is co-creator of TUT and creator of Vibration Activation™. He is a Law of Attraction expert and spiritual comedian.


Just back from a jaw-dropping jaunt around Colorado, Utah, Arizona and California. Now I'm writing this from Italy, in a chair underneath a huge tree mallow with bright pink flowers full of huge, slow-moving, dark blue, buzzing, bee-like insect friends called Azzurre. We had a storm last night and the sky is a bright, rain-washed blue. Towering mountains surround this valley like a fortress. I can hear church bells and birdsong. Sweet peppers and tomatoes are roasting in the oven and smell heavenly. I have a cup of bergamot scented Earl Grey tea. Life is so sweet and I'm filled with peace and gratitude. My life was not always like this, believe me...! What life will you create today? 


Food Addiction is a very real, serious and distressing condition and one of the reasons that traditional dieting simply does not work.  The effects of certain foods on the brain can lead to Food Addiction - being addicted to food in exactly the same way as drug addicts are addicted to drugs. It's one of the main reasons some people constantly crave and eat certain foods despite knowing that it's harmful to them. Do you think you might have a dependence on food or a food addiction? Contact Joan for a Free Consultation and Assessment.


What my lovely Grandma Lil always said to me: "Simplify the complicated. Count your Blessings. After lunch rest a while. After dinner walk a mile. Stop whinging! Laughter is the best medicine."  Spot on.


Christmas Day 2018 was spent with about 75 others in the wonderful REfUSE cafe in Chester le Street where I joined a team of volunteers to serve a traditional lunch to people who would otherwise be alone at Christmas. REfUSE is Durham’s branch of The Real Junk Food Project: a rapidly growing network of organisations challenging criminal levels of food waste. They intercept food before it becomes waste and turn it into healthy, accessible meals, served on a ‘Pay As You Feel’ basis. Pop in for a cuppa and a delicious lunch if you're in the area.


November 2018. A beautiful autumnal day with falling leaves and a tiny wren in the garden brings peace and tranquility. I'm currently attending a course about Food Addictions. Fascinating, relevant, terrifying for those who suffer from this very real and distressing disease. More on this when the course is completed in a few weeks time.


The month of the two B's - Bumblebees and Bowen technique. 

Bees, our essential pollinators, are declining at an alarming rate and some species have now been declared extinct in Britain. Pollination is vital for the food that we eat. Bees love lavender, borage, foxgloves, verbena – there is a multitude of yummy plants for hungry bees and it’s so easy to grow these in our gardens. Check out the Bumblebee Conservation Trust: 

A friend recommended the Bowen technique to me after I trapped a nerve in my back. I’ve tried all kinds of therapies over the years but never this one. It was amazing! 

The Bowen technique is very distinctive, a kind of rolling action on very precise points on the body. I found it very relaxing, a little strange and occasionally a little uncomfortable. But I had a strong impression that my body was reacting in a positive way. 

After the treatment was over, I had a gorgeous sensation of my body not being my own! I felt like I had something ‘warm and fuzzy’ whooshing around inside. Like I’d been shaken up – gently – and placed back down in a better physical condition. 

The pain in my hip was gone. My tight hamstrings were looser than they have ever been. I felt relaxed and peaceful. When I left the treatment room and went outside I felt a little nauseous but that soon passed and I’ve felt fantastic ever since. 

My therapist is Andreas Souris. Email him at for more information. Always check with your GP first if you have any medical conditions. 

Andreas is charming, calm, professional, knowledgeable, courteous and attentive. I thoroughly enjoyed the session and am really amazed at how powerful it was. I am going to return now and again for to maintain the new equilibrium that I have.


Check out this amazing story: are an Australian tree-free toilet paper company who donate 50% of their profits to charities that build toilets and improve sanitation in developing countries. Inspiring. Available in the UK. I'm not on commission...!


Annual Luxury Retreat in Sicily! A heady mix of exploring the island with professional, friendly, expert guides, meeting the locals and coaching - discovering what you really want, how to achieve your dreams and create the Life you Love! Care to join us? Contact me for more details.


I don't do Blogs or Bombardment via email or Facebook postings or Instagram or Twitter or any of those amazing platforms to 'talk' to you.

There are lots of people out there doing just that and very often their work is truly outstanding. I admire them, they are awesome indeed.

However, personally, I find it all a bit too much. For me, the internet is a noisy and cluttered and hectic place and I sometimes want peace and quiet and tranquillity... Some time to think and reflect.

Don't we all spend too much time in front of a PC screen?

So I work with a notebook, a paper diary and a pencil. I love the feeling of pencil on paper. I think more deeply when I write in this way. I find it relaxing and energising.

So you won't find lots of information or stories to amuse or entertain or help or inspire you on here. You have to meet me in person for that!

You will find information about events and retreats and maybe recommendations...

Thank you for reading and enjoy the rest of your day!

With Gratitude and Smiles, Joan