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For obvious reasons, the identities of my high profile clients will never be revealed but these are some of the comments I’ve enjoyed over the years…


You are our Muse and we will always work with you! Our business has doubled since we have been working together. Thank you so much!
The time spent with you was about living life to its fullest. You helped me find positivity, optimism and my basic values. Every day I learned something new. I made promises to you but, more importantly, to myself. When you keep your promises you grow in many ways. Thank you so much, my life has changed for the better. And my family are very happy!
I don't write in English language in a correct way, but I want to thank you very much for all your suggestions in every field and thank you very much for your inspiration. I don't know how to explain how much your help has given to me. They are precious things you gave me!
I think that you are really a special person! Now I have many clients, my health is excellent and my relationships are calm and loving thanks to your help and encouragement
You are actually the kind of person everyone should have as a friend. You have transmitted to me the courage to let people know even my inner feelings. Thank you so much for being the uncomplicated and trustworthy person you are. I am delighted to tell you that my book (hidden in the kitchen drawer for years and years) will be published this month
I want to thank you for your valuable help in giving me the right insights about how to make such an important step forward. I could not have done this without you
You’ve been a gift from the heavens for me and my loved ones
I enjoyed our sessions together and the lovely, relaxing way you have. Thank you for showing me how to be calm and free from stress. My attitude has changed completely and so has my life
I now understand that life is made of choices. I always thought I was optimistic and I didn’t realise I was stuck in destructive thinking. Thank you for everything! I learned so much...
Thanks to your help I’m working again after a long time of being stuck in a life I didn’t like
It was a real pleasure attending your sessions. You are a very professional and approachable and you believed in me from the beginning. Thank you for the encouragement, and the occasional shove!